If you’re unfamiliar with elder care, you may not know about some of the things they can do. You might be aware that they can do things like help your aging relative to take a bath or make breakfast for them. However, those kinds of things only touch the surface of what elder care providers can do for your loved one. Below are 5 of the things many people don’t know that elder care can do.


Elder Care in Garden City MI: Caregiver Assistance

Elder Care in Garden City MI: Caregiver Assistance


#1: Cleaning the House

Some people think it’s necessary to hire both a housekeeper and an elder care provider. However, that’s typically not the case. Elder care offers basic house cleaning services, such as vacuuming, dusting, and sweeping. This means that family members or a housekeeping service are only needed for occasional deep cleaning of the house. When an elder care provider keeps your aging relative’s house neat and tidy, they get to enjoy living in a pleasant environment that they can be proud of.


#2: Fun Activities

Many older adults suffer from loneliness and boredom. This can be especially true for seniors who live alone and are housebound. Elder care providers can spend time doing fun activities with the elder adult during their visit. They can play cards, do a puzzle, make crafts, or just have a good conversation.


#3: Cooking Meals

If your older family member has trouble cooking for themselves or makes unhealthy food choices out of convenience, you might be happy to learn that an elder care provider can make meals for them. That doesn’t mean they can just warm up food, it means the elder care provider can prepare a meal from scratch. If the older adult enjoys cooking but has some trouble due to a physical or cognitive impairment, the elder care provider can let them do the steps they can and only assist as needed, allowing them to continue doing something they enjoy.


#4: Transportation

Is your aging relative housebound because they can no longer drive? With elder care, they don’t have to be stuck in the house. Elder care providers can drive older adults to the places they need or want to go, including stores, medical appointments, places of worship, and to visit friends.


#5: Basic Pet Care

Sometimes older adults give up their beloved pets because they are having trouble doing some of the basic things the pet needs. However, there’s no need for your aging relative to rehome a pet when they have elder care. Elder care providers can do things like feeding the pet, give it water, and even take it outside to do its business. And, when it is time for the pet to see the vet, the elder care provider can drive the older adult and the pet to the vet’s office.


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