Disorganization can make everything feel more complicated when you’re a busy caregiver. You’re more likely to feel rushed and it’s anxiety-inducing to have to hunt for information or paperwork that you need. Here are a few ideas you can use to help yourself to get more organized.


Caregiver in Redford MI: Constantly Feel Disorganized?

Caregiver in Redford MI: Constantly Feel Disorganized?


Find Ways to Organize Your Thoughts Outside of Your Head

Keeping thoughts in your head is the worst way to organize them. It’s also the worst way to try to keep yourself organized because it just won’t work. Make it a habit to write down everything. Take notes often and when something occurs to you, write it down right then. As much as you want to believe you’ll remember later, you won’t. This isn’t because you’re at fault. It happens because as a caregiver you’ve got a million different things going on at any given time. You have to have a way to keep your thoughts safely stored somewhere besides in your head.


Get a Planner or a Calendar

Having a notebook is a great idea, but you might want to go a step further and get yourself a planner or calendar that you can carry around with you. This gives you an opportunity to jot down both information and dates as soon as you need to. You can keep much better track of your senior’s appointments and your own if you’re able to track them in the same space. Again, this is a way to make sure that you’re not storing all of this information in your head.


Work out a Way to Store Paperwork

Another big problem that caregivers face is managing all the paperwork that comes with caregiving. Your system doesn’t have to be super complicated. What it needs to be is effective for you. You might find that what works for you is a 3-ring binder with page protectors so you can slip paperwork into those quickly and ensure they’re protected. If you need paperwork on the go a lot, you might find that taking pictures of important papers and storing them on your smartphone works best. Experiment to find your optimal storage option.

You may not feel as if you ever land on the absolutely perfect way to stay organized, but you’re likely going to find the best solutions possible for each stage of your caregiving experience. Don’t be afraid to try something new if your old system isn’t working anymore.

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